when one of your favorite blogs disappears and you can’t find them 😭😭😭😭😭

someone plz look at my last post and tell me their honest opinion of my body. like i seriously wanna know.

I’m not asking for attention, it took a lot of courage to post that, but all my friends always say “nooo you’re so beautiful you don’t need to lose weight!” but like what are they supposed to say?

so since you can send an anon on here and be completely honest without worrying I’m gonna get pissed, please do it. please. be brutally honest. i just want someone to validate how i feel about my body because i know it’s true.

Anonymous: If you're fat I guess I'm a fucking whale.

no!! trust me I’m so overweight i guarantee you’re tinier than me

Anonymous: I have been following you for almost 2 years now and I think you're flawless. You've made it through so much shit and you still wake up in the morning. You should be proud to look in the mirror and see you because you are you and that's more than enough.

thank you, you’re so sweet. but in the time that ive had this tumblr, ive gained over 20 pounds. i haven’t posted a pic of my body since then because i am so ashamed. but thank you ily

I’m so fat that i can’t even look at myself in the mirror anymore without crying. I’m disgusting.

sos how do i stay active i can’t do it ugh