lilbitstrange: Did you change your URL?

no!! it’s always been this ever since i made it (:

Anonymous: What happened? Why do you have brush burns and hand marks? Lol

from hooking up with the guy i’m seeing hahahaha the brush burns are from being on my knees sucking his dick lol and the finger marks are just from him grabbing me i guess hahahahaha

that ridiculously awkward moment when ur mom asks you why you have brush burns on both your knees and finger print marks all over your body :-(((((

how am i supposed to study, or do anything else for that matter, when all i can do is read through our old messages and cry, and wonder what the hell went wrong and pray that you come back?

i know this is wrong. i know i’m with somebody else now but i can’t stop thinking about you. i can’t lie to myself. i miss you more than anything. i wanted to be so much more to you than i was, i wanted to be the girl who changed your life, made you realize love was real. but instead, i somehow pushed you away.

you’ve been sending me so many mixed signals recently and i really just wish i knew what was on your mind. if you miss me you need to tell me before i get into a relationship. i don’t want to lose you. i really don’t. i will give up what i have now for you to take me back.